Become a Member

THANKS for your interest in wanting to join the North Texas Blacksmith Association (NTxBA)

But first ... Some legal reading is required....

Liability Policy and Agreement

Blacksmithing can be Dangerous - causing severe burns, physical trauma other injuries, and even possible property damage!

NTxBA members strive to place the highest importance on personal safety, well being of other members, guests, and facilities.

All members are required to read, agree, and comply with the following:

Blacksmith’s Waiver of Liability

I, as a new or renewing member of the North Texas Blacksmith Association, realizing the potential hazards involved in the craft of blacksmithing will not hold the North Texas Blacksmith’s members, officers, demonstrators, or hosts responsible in the event of any accident or injury incurred during an association function or any time a sponsored activity concerning blacksmithing or metal work is occurring.

I am aware of the requirement to wear safety glasses during association events and of the recommendation to wear hearing protection. It is my responsibility to inform family members or guests that I may bring to association events that they too must comply with all safety and equipment rules.

In the case where a minor is participating in or attending an association function, the new or renewing member parent/guardian understands and agrees to this waiver for their child.

Safety Rules

1) Safety glasses are required to participate in any blacksmithing activity. (ie: forging)

2) Participants are required to wear suitable clothing (natural fiber). Participation will not be allowed to those who wear synthetic clothing.

3) Work boots are highly recommended. Cotton socks are required.

4) Long hair should be tied and secured.