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 2023 NTxBA July Meeting Post Mortem
President's Summary:

The NTxBA meeting was held at the Gaby's (NTxBA home)  Blacksmith shop in Frisco, Saturday July 8th. Weather was hot, and humid, Attendance was normal.  We held a short business meeting starting at 9:30 and finished at shortly after 10:00 after which we immediately started the judging for the ladles.  Then opened it up for open forge. 


The ladles in the competition were laid out,  see pictures below. We had three outstanding ones and one moderately crappy (mine!) .  Ladle# 4 managed to eke out a win but just barely with one vote separation  . This was truly a close contest.   Ladle4 was created by Jerry Boyd and so he is the winner and a proud owner of a new hammer. I would deliver it, however Jerry lives south of Lubbock so we'll have to work on getting that hammer to Jerry another way. 


As the winner Jerry gets to pick the next challenge..  which is a:

 'Fleur-de-lis'   .  

This can stand alone or be part another project. ie.  grill, gate, railing, etc etc 

Anyway, This meeting was held in conjunction of a  Frisco event and so they asked us to man the forges until 4 which we did and as usual we saw many visitors who came in to watch us work. Well some of us worked  and I supervised...More importantly the Frisco Heritage Museum were kind enough to deliver pizzas and water which was much appreciated.   


All in all a successful meeting and day!...


There is NO meeting for the membership in August.  The board will meet however... 


The next real meeting will be at Dan Richman's shop out in Ponder for September's so much more to come on that, Stay Tune


Also more information on Mark Aspery's classes in October will be forthcoming 


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