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NTxBA Premier Events of the Year:

- 3 DAYS of Personalized Professional Blacksmithing Instruction at the “Hammer-IN” Conference !! followed by…

- 1 DAY of Demos, Crafts, Fun, Food, and Auction at the 2022 “Forging Texas Festival” !!

But to make these events successful your NTxBA Board NEEDs YOUR HELP

Please respond by e-mail with your interest to be a member of one of the Event Planning Sub-Committees

Below are the specific functions / duties for each Sub-Committee

Please reply back with your Phone # and Committee you are interested in.

If you don’t mind which committee you work on, let us know that too,

and we will assign you to the an open committee.

2022 NTxBA Hammer-in (Nov. 9 thru 11) and Forging Texas (Nov. 12)



ALL Monetary discussions / commitments must involve this committee


-Work closely with and receive worker needs lists from other sub-committee members

-Contact and schedule / define shifts of Volunteers for all 4 days of the conference


-Work with confirmed Demonstrators to prepare for their visit – Including

helping / assisting with transportation, lodging and equipment / materials needs

-Assist with logistics planning for all days of the event demonstrators will be on-site


-Responsible for requesting, receiving, documenting(including donor) Auction items (up to and including at the event)

-Contacts and schedules auctioneer

-Creates Numbered ID/“lot” tags

-Handles Identification of winning bidder (during Auction)

-Handles payment for purchased items (After Auction)

Promotions and Registration (P&R)

-Handles Facebook / Twitter / E-mail ..etc for announcements

-Gets Signs / other information and promotion material made

-Sets up / Manages on-line registrations

-Ensures that event memorabilia (shirts / hats) are made and available for purchase

Entertainment / Competitions /Prizes (ECP)

-Veterans themed event / competition (Civil war reenactment and/or Forging competition) Plan, prepare, Manage

-“Make a horseshoe knife” (need to plan / order supplies and develop process

-Handle tickets / purchases for DIY and competitions

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